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Cooperation with schools

Elementary schools - Secondary schools - Grammar schools (Gymnasiums) - Universities

Are you a school principal struggling with the challenges of improving student relationships, promoting their mental health, and increasing their focus during class? What if there was a way to achieve all of this and more through dance?


Why social dances?

Many students have gone to ballroom dances and learned so-called ballroom dances, and because of their formal austere experience with dance, they may feel an aversion to dance. They can step, but they can't dance. Boys can choreograph, but they can't improvise and lead their partner. Social dances are different for several reasons: movement of the whole body is taught, the technique of leading and following is learned, and most importantly - they are global dances that students will use in life.

Why lessons at schools?

“Social dances had a great impact on classroom relationships. Finally we're all having fun not just in groups." ​


According to the students in our questionnaires, our lessons improved relationships in the classroom. Thanks to our lessons, the students started having fun with everyone in the class and since everyone danced with everyone, they finally got to know each other better. ​


Although the students are in the same class, they often only know selected individuals and some have trouble fitting in. Social dances can be a way to bond together and make everyone feel like they are part of a class. They get to know their classmates better and look forward to school more. This can result in a decrease in bullying in the classroom and better academic results for students.

Student of Karel Sladkovský High School

"It was fun, I take away the basics of Latin from the lessons, which can always come in handy. I danced with people I don't normally hang out with, which was nice."

We have already established cooperation with

Gymnázium na Pražačce- 12 lessons with 3 classes
Obchodní akademie Kubelíkova - 2 lessons with 2 classes
Gymnázium Karla Sladkovského - 4 hour workshop with 3 classes
Gymnázium Karla Sladkovského - 4 lessons with 3 clases
1. Střední ScioŠkola - 4 lessons with girls from different classes
Gymnázium profesora Jana
Patočky - 4 lessons with 1 class


See how it went

We offer



Lessons in gym class

We offer lessons in physical education classes. The lessons have a structure: warm-up, solo dance, couple dance. Couples often alternate, so there are no unpleasant feelings for individuals. You can choose from bachata, salsa or Brazilian zouk. In case of interest, we are also able to arrange other dances.


Lessons at school events

Enrich a school event (get-to-know-you course, dean's sports day, Christmas party, prom...) with a social dances lesson. Students will get to know everyone faster, they won't be afraid to communicate, the event will start faster and everyone will enjoy it even more.


Lessons after classes in the school premises

Give your students a social life in the school premises as well. Give us the common areas of the school / gym / classroom and we will be happy to organize the lessons for you. Students will certainly appreciate that they have space to move and get together right at school.

Arrange lessons at your school and improve classroom relationships

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