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Communicating in Sign Language

Lessons of bachata for the deaf

Social dances as a connection of people


Music is an organized system of sounds produced by man, intended primarily for human perception and its goal is primarily aesthetic effect. It is usually perceived comprehensively through different senses: not only by hearing, but also by touch and sight. The last two senses are important for the deaf, thanks to which I can perceive music through musical vibrations or visual form.

Meet Jolly

Marika Jolly Šebestová

the dance teacher

Jolly has been researching music and dance for the deaf for several years. For the last year and a half, he has been actively teaching deaf people to perceive music and interpret it using social dances (primarily bachata). She is aware that auditory perception is individual for each individual (e.g. according to the degree, cause and time of onset of disability) and has a different quality and ability to process sound, and therefore the human and dance approach to people is different. ​ Jolly is convinced that experiencing and experiencing music and dance should not be denied to anyone. She believes that she can transfer her love and passion for dance to the deaf as well. As she is fluent in Czech sign language, the deaf community is close to her and she is also involved in other projects within this minority society, she wants to continue dancing and teaching the deaf.



Mainstream society still thinks that if someone can't hear, they can't listen to music or dance. It may make sense, but the reality is completely different. Let's give just a fraction of examples that music and dance have their place in the deaf community: artists, dancers, musicians and composers who are dedicated to music, among other things elementary and secondary schools with music-drama education. Also artistic interpretation of music into sign language, attending concerts, listening to music or playing a musical instrument. It all works and works, many times with the use of a compensator! ​


An example is our deaf friend, the dancer from Slovakia Andreas Cruz, who not only dances, but even teaches dances such as salsa and bachata.

Our offer

Friends Having Fun


Lessons for all types of schools

Help students fit into mainstream society with social dances that connect them with hearing people and expand their horizons wherever they are in the world.


Lessons for companies and organizations

Schedule lessons for employees and thus make their working day, but also their personal social life outside the office, more enjoyable.


Lessons at events for the deaf

Spice up your program of a party or even a festival with a dance lesson of the world social dance bachata, which will be enjoyed by all without distinction.

"Dance is like communication - the art of hearing what is not said. It's a speech without words, when we don't need to hear music, but to feel and experience it."

- Jolly, the dance teacher

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