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students having a dance lesson

Support us

In addition to financial donations, you can also donate your time as a volunteer, offer sponsorship or support us by sharing our message on social media.

You can support us by donating
any amount to our bank account

What have we achieved?

During the year 2023, we have connected more than 400 students of different social strata and cultures through dance. They taught them to understand mutual contact, to relax, to express themselves creatively and to communicate effectively with dance partners. That's what drives us forward!

What will happen if you become a donor?

Your support will allow our program to expand and positively impact even more young people. By donating, you will become a key part of our mission to develop social and emotional intelligence, communication, self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle in youth. Thanks to your contributions, we will be able to:

Extend the teaching to other schools
Organize workshops in schools, businesses and community centers
To connect students from different backgrounds through dance

The options to donate

Any of your donations helps and makes sense. Thank you for your support!

Any questions?

We are here for you!

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