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We believe that dance has the power to connect people, develop social and emotional intelligence and open doors to new opportunities. Our main goal is to help students integrate into society, improve mutual communication and self-confidence. We want young people to have fun, get their bodies moving while learning skills they can use around the world.

Our team

See who brings our project to life

Lucia Kubasova

Co-founder and dance teacher

Lucia Kubášová

Lucia is a professional dancer and teacher. He has been gaining experience in the field of dance for 26 years. She is recognized worldwide, has performed in various countries at festivals and dance shows. He can do all social dances, mainly salsa, bachata, zouk and tango. She would also like to pass on her knowledge to the younger generations, as she realizes that in the Czech Republic social dance is still a bit of a taboo and people start dancing at least from university, while dance has so many qualities that can be useful even for younger generations, at an age when people shape, which can change their whole life.

Javier Jesus Escobar

Dance teacher

Javier Jesús

Jesús is a professional Peruvian dancer, DJ and salsa lover. Since 2012, she has been dancing and performing with world-renowned experts. He teaches salsa in České Budějovice at the Salsa Escuela. It is part of many European dance festivals and organizes dance events in the Czech Republic.


Dance teacher


Eva has been a dancer at heart since preschool age. For her, dancing means the possibility of self-expression and putting worries behind her, at least for a while. She really fell in love with dance only as an adult, experiencing the Brazilian zouk first-hand, thanks to which she opened up with confidence and understood her partner for the first time. To this day, it amazes her how the two of them can simply communicate non-verbally on the dance floor. He has been imparting this deeper knowledge to others in his lessons for several years. She has incredible fun watching how people's self-confidence grows in a healthy way and a smile on their face thanks to dance. He believes that the earlier one encounters this hobby, the better. This way you meet many friends all over the world.


Dance teacher


He spent the first 25 years of his life as a dancer. When he couldn't look at himself, he signed up for Latin American dances, salsa, bachata, and to make matters worse, street dance. In two years, he performed salsa and bachata in the Grupo Estilo dance group. In the next three years, under the guidance of Honza Dvořák from the Bohemian Salseros, he was already a two-time champion of the Czech Republic in group choreography. But he was most enchanted by the Brazilian zouk, which he devoted himself to for 8 years. He trained in the team of one of the best zouk dancers, William Teixeira. As a team, they performed together at several zouk congresses. He currently works with the dancer Lucia Kubášová as an assistant in her advanced lessons.

Barbora Kovarova

Co-founder, Marketing and PR

Barbora Kovářová

Barbora is a professional photographer and a lover of dance. She dances salsa, bachata, forró and zouk and she is a teacher of kizomba. She is interested in Afro-Cuban dances as well. She started dancing in high school and it changed her life a lot. That's why she got excited about this project and decided to support it, she wanted other students to get a taste of the wonderful world of dance before their parents and experience what she experienced.


Dance teacher


Jolly is a lover of bachata and sign language. Combining these two great passions gave birth to the idea of ​​dance for the deaf, which he has been working on for more than a year. Jolly is a bachata teacher at the Prague dance school DanceDifferent, which fulfilled her love for bachata and with which she has been teaching for seven years. As a lecturer, she is not only precise and technically consistent, but also sensitive and very perceptive. Jolly believes that dance is like communication - the art of "hearing" what is not being said. For her, dance is a language without words, when we don't need to hear music, but to feel and experience it.


Dance teacher


Maria is a student at FHS and a translator from German and French. She has been dancing since she was young, she studied Latin and the standard for several years, and five years ago she fell in love with Cuban salsa. Later, she focused on the salsa line, which she also taught, and she started enjoying kizomba and urban kiz at social dance parties. She learned Brazilian zouk under the guidance of Lucia Kubášová. She has fallen for him for the past two years and is looking forward to introducing him to other people. At parties, she likes to dance any of the social dances, but she likes salsa, kizomba and zouk the most.


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